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This might be the perfect summer Spanish recipe. This is one of those recipes that's all about the ingredients, if you get to grab the ingredients fresh from your nearest farmers market the results will be incredible. This recipe is fast, simple and delicious.


  • 1kg (2.2lb) Tomatoes (good quality and ripened)

  • 1 Cucumber

  • 1/2 Green Pepper

  • 1/2 Red Pepper

  • 1 1/2 Garlic Gloves

  • 1 Loaf Bread

  • 60g Olive Oil (a good one)

  • 40g Sherry Vinegar



  1. Cut the tomatoes in 4 pieces each, remove the stems and any defect they might have.

  2. Peel the cucumber and cut into 1 inch slices.

  3. Cut peppers into 2 inch pieces.

  4. Cut garlic into pieces.

  5. Cut loaf of bread into pieces.

  6. Mix all of the ingredients above with the olive oil, sherry vinegar and generous amount of salt.

  7. (Optional) Leave the mix marinate for up to a day.

  8. Blend the ingredients and pass the blend through a colander.

  9. Place the gazpacho in the fridge and enjoy when really cold with some extra olive oil and salt.

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